In order to survive and thrive in the harsh African climate, you need to be built tough – and build tougher. That’s why we have developed Big 5 Concrete; a brand that builds robust and reliable concrete solutions which will make your next project your best build yet.

Our products are the result of ingenuity and integrity, ensuring that every Big5 product you use delivers the best results on site. All of these come from our ISO-9001 accredited plant in Westonaria, which is led by an experienced team of engineers and technicians – dedicated to supplying our customers with the highest quality solutions for every project.


Leopard Voidfill is a versatile one-pack, low-density aerated grout for geotechnical applications.


Big 5 Superpatch is a high strength multi-purpose patching and repair mortar.


Megaflex is a 2-component elastomeric waterproof and moisture barrier coating with added fiber.


All of our products are available for wholesale and retail. For a quotation, please send your inquiries to and one of our consultants will be glad to assist you!