Rhinoluxe brings you a New Generation of Intelligent Paints & Coatings. Using the latest formulating technologies, we have developed a range of highly efficient, environmentally friendly and proudly South African coatings.

Ensuring that your surfaces remain robust and resilient to the harsh South African conditions is no small task. That is why we exist; to formulate and sell the highest quality paints and coatings which protect the value of your assets from all weather conditions – while also preserving their aesthetic appeal as well.

We are a proudly South African manufacturer, formulating quality products which are designed to endure the harsh African climates. We are reliable, rugged and offer the right value for your projects.


SHIELD is a New Generation Mid sheen, Waterproof, Elastic, long-life, pure acrylic intelligent coating.

For use on most surfaces: interior and exterior walls, tiled and galvanised roofs, metal surfaces, parapet walls, concrete slabs and window sills. 

Not only can Rhinoluxe SHIELD be used for waterproofing, but it has also been formulated to be used as a final wall coating ensuring the best of both worlds. 

Rhinoluxe SHIELD is based on the latest Emulsion technologies available. 

Rhinoluxe SHIELD can be applied as a one-coat system* over a properly primed surface, making it simple to apply and reducing time and labour costs. 

* Spreading rate not exceeding 4sqm per litre


FIBER COAT is a new generation fibre-filled, long-life, water-based, elastic waterproof coating.

With FIBER COAT exceptional strength, it is ideal for parapets, window sills, primed plaster surfaces,

* Spreading rate not exceeding 4sqm per litre concrete and steel roofs.


HEAT REFLECT is a new generation elastic, Bright White, Long-life, Water-based Highly Reflective Roof Acrylic designed to reduce interior temperatures.

For use on chicken house roofs, cement tiles, previously painted roofs, factory and commercial roofs, flat concrete roofs and tiled roofs.

* Spreading rate not exceeding 4sqm per litre


FIBER COAT is a new generation weather-proof, long-life coating for all new and repaired cement driveways, paving and concrete courts.

With RHINOCOURT’s excetional strength, it is
ideal for cement, concrete or brick driveways, paving and courts

* Spreading Rate: 1 – 1.5 SQM per 1 litre. Although the spreading rate will vary with porosity and type of substrate, for uncoated new surfaces work on 0.5-1-square meters per litre for the first coat and 1-1,5 square meters per litre for subsequent coats and when applied to sealed, previously painted substrates.

colour palette

We are proud to offer a wide variety of colour options for our products, as can be seen below:


Looking for a specific colourway which is not in our standard range? No problem! WE would be happy to colour match and create a custom colour which suits your needs – simply send an inquiry to custom@rhinoluxe.co.za and we will be glad to assist you.


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